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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a terror attack on american company and southeastern france. an explosion took place in at least one person is dead. well had details on the american business to target next. and another terror attack this morning across the mediterranean into indonesia. they opened fire on a popular vacation spot. a least 20 some people are to many of them are tourists and the death toll could rise. a big weekend in san francisco. we have you covered as private celebrations are set to get underway and we are also tracking the big news of the supreme court. this is the news station. for the bay area. it starts now with breaking news. good morning and thank you for joining us. we start with this breaking
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news one person is dead and two others are injured after a terror attack on a u.s. base gas factory. this morning that the company is saying all of their employees are accounted for. it is not saying its employees are among the two people injured. multiple people were arrested. at least one of the people arrested was known to intelligence agencies. they were found near the victim's body. french officials say it began when they crashed the car into the factory. they were setting up an explosion. the victim according to investigators was killed before the explosion. we will follow the latest on the story. another breaking news story that were following.
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according to officials in at least two the open fire near a beach. that's about 200 miles. one of the gunmen are looking for the shooter right now. another attack this morning. we are still working together more details on the stack. we will take as they become available. they are trying to figure out what they were. at least 53 acres. they started near tessler.
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it was just right and the boys. thanks for the fire writers. i can't believe it didn't blow up the house. one firefighter was injured during those fires. they are battling another place. this would south of lake tahoe. they're making more progress. it the last update. they come out this morning. we have been following the story from the beginning. they are ready to evacuate. it was sparked by lightning. maybe we will cool down this weekend. especially after yesterday.
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this is what we're expecting. here's what we're expecting. it's following up by a very warm afternoon. if you're across the coast. upper 60s. they plan on 80s and 70s across the rest of the day. there is more coming up at 6:00. and what to expect for the rest of the weekend. it will be about a 15 to 20 minute drive time. traffic is backed up. they were activated in about 30 minutes ago. looks pretty good to get into
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foster city this morning. 31 minutes from tracy. getting to the dublin interchange. when i come back i well have the full bridge check for you. happening today president obama will be delivered the eulogy. the first lady michelle obama will also be in attendance. thousands of mourners are expected to get there. yesterday a summer professional. today's public funeral service we'll be held at the college of charleston. two other victims were laid to rest. they were held for 45-year-old singleton. clement singleton served as a minister. friends say she could always do
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that. the print service starts at a caucus night. we will carry that live for you. the big story worth following today. we are waiting to hear the decision from the subpoena in court. that assist -- a decision could be announced as early as 7:00 this morning. they will decide if couples have the constitutional right to marry. if it makes his decision today. we will bring it to us in as they make it public. here is a live look outside. we are standing by at the cisco city hall. they'll be later this one at about 6:30.
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the private celebration. it will take place at civic center plaza. an 11:00 to 6:00 on sunday. 830 in the morning. it runs along market street. there will be some street closers as a result. let's take a quick look. starting at 9:00 this morning we are going to have fulton street closed from hype to lock in. and the more streets will be closing tonight at seven to 8:00 p.m.. be prepared for street closers throughout the day today. the trans march. more than 7,000 people are expected to turn out for the largest event in the nation. it will begin with a burgeoning. it marks the u.s. plaza.
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that mark is going on. there is a giants game tonight. a lot going on. just be aware of that. there is a traffic nightmare later on. transit bus driver drives right into the middle of a slideshow. will tell you what the charges stem from that incident .
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we're back. the district attorney promised the families of victims that their office well complete an investigation to determine whether anyone should be held criminally responsible. the families we'll be kept informed. take a listen. as part of our goal. they will find that.
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they now have both balconies and they will be considered possible evidence in future cases. a controversial drug to take some major steps forward. they will do it if it complied. police make an arrest in connection with that. we will play who is behind this.
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the weather looks nice so far. will start off with a little bit of fog at the coast. here's what it looks like looking at the east bay hill. it's right there in the lower right area. and just above that we have a lot of sunshine. try to make its way up in the sky. we are work waking up to fog. you can't even see the bridge this morning. winds are light out there. and it will continue to stay late for much of the afternoon. we do have temperatures in the mid- 60s. an inland spots we have some upper 60s this morning. after the lunch hour. warming up into the mid- to
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upper 90s. a few spots but most of the area into the upper 80s across inland locations. you will see those temperatures into the mid to upper 60s. we will quickly warm up to the lower 90s. were located east bay shoreline. the lead to the mid- 70s across oakland. we have the mid- 80s of the crust of the stuff they. they want to succeed. here is what we are looking at and then we will just fall all a bit more. around 10:00 to the upper 60s. will see mostly sunny skies. look at the rest of your smart dust storm casts. the ultimate upper 80s across
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inland spots. across the coast. we will turn over the totter into early next week. we will talk about the nascar sonoma race we forecast. so far so good. there are none to report. they are backing up just normal for this hour in the morning. 20 minutes it is going to take it because it's backed up in there. traffic across the state is going to be a little bit sluggish. the bridge that is looking good. it's about 14 or 15 minutes to get you from hayward over to foster city. golden gate problem free. you can't see the towers is over at this point. and the center but it's only seven minutes for you to across it from the toe up to san profile. switching things over the to
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the city street closures. the preparations are already underway. some parts of fulton and growth will be shut down again and i caught this morning. when i come back i will check some east bay drive times for you. do this morning. nine people are dead after sa to see the plane crashed into laughter. it's limited to the side of a cliff. they were from the west are damned cruise ship. that ship left seattle on saturday for a seven-day round trip. they now ascended the crew two alaska to investigate the cause of the crash. the state assembly approved the bill yesterday.
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it aims to increase visitation rates. many of those affected were not immunized. and under this bill. they wouldn't be able to opt out the mandated vaccines. her opponent are not able to get up. among the critics is that san jose resident. she suspects her autism is related to the vaccinations that he received when he was a baby. they will homeschool their kids rather than submit to mandatory vaccinations. we are called that. in our facebook groups. we have vaccinated our children and believe in some of the vaccines it's what we don't like and what we don't appreciate the government
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telling parents what to do and getting underway between the doctor and the. hearing she expects more demonstrations like this when outside the state senator cable office. she and other opponents are calling for the governor to veto the bill. moving through the state legislature that would mandate public hearings the assembly proves that bill yesterday. it was introduced before president obama announced that his administration would stop providing the combat style in care of the local law enforcement. the school district had taken the literary equipment somewhat weaker say this would give parents the voice. the bill now goes before the senate for a vote on amendments. and at this point. a man now behind bars. the graffiti found on the athlon facility house.
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back in april 29th. he is not a stanford student. police in oakland are investigating the incident. it was vandalized after it was driving through middle of a slideshow. police say they are becoming more violent than the bus and said this sunday's incident was stalled by a five car accident. you can see the damage done. the bus was covered in graffiti and the windows smashed out. the crowd gathered and it quickly got out of control. we are people that just came out and stormed the bus. they basically destroyed it. this is the kind of thing that the servers faced all too frequently when they are in oakland. the bus driver and the passengers were not injured
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badly the police say they have formulated a new strategy to suppress aside shows. they need a workplace to solve the problem. in nevada work i'm not a massive battery factory is going smoothly. and they should be operational within a year. the governor's office that progress on the $5 billion factory is going with the company as expected. they had hired more than 740 construction workers who had started the building process last october. they've always been more than hundred 40 million on the project. they beat out california and several other states in a bidding war. by extending the $1.3 billion to tesla. there is more still ahead.
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the national news. the district attorney said that the investigators have no proof that a prison guard at new that person meets a delivered to two convicted killers contained tools that could use to break out of prison. he is facing charges of promoting contraband. tampering with evidence. a convicted killer escaped from
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the maximum-security prison and they have been on the run now for almost three weeks. in the boston marathon embalmers is now at the nation's most secure super max prison in colorado. during his time there he will spend 23 hours a day alone in the seven byte seven concrete cell. that's part of slab of concrete with a small mattress and blankets. the move to the florence colorado prison comes after a judge from the sentenced him. he spoke about remorse for his role in the 2,013th terror attacks. they are now removing games with a fight. the apps for the flight is used in mean-spirited ways of those are the apps that are being
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sfx: engines revving. go! ♪♪ it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood. welcome back. keep your eyes on wall street. there's no point into the positive right now. they possibly lead of the
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european union. the dow at fair market value is 718. back her breaking story this way. they have left one man dead and two others injured. the victim in the attack was a french businessman. their products and chemicals is the company. they're not saying if employees are among the two injured in the attack. this is a video from the scene. the banners were found near the victims of money. that set off an explosion of gas canisters. the victim was killed before
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the explosion. will bring you updates as they become available. another terrorist attack right now. the victims were mostly british. that's 200 miles from the capital. the other one is still on the loose. we will be following the latest here. another attack this morning. they had claimed responsibility. we are waiting for more information on that. or watch it as it becomes available. how hot do expect it to be
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today. we find out what's in store this afternoon. it's very people out there. with such an making its way out. we are seeing a little bit of fog across the golden gate. looking at the camera. we have such an over here. temperatures are actually on the warm side right now. warming up only into the lower 90s. we're talking about the raceway weekend. the 350. here is a look at your traffic.
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traffic is back up just to the part of the macarthur maze. on southbound 80. it's pretty normal for this hour in the morning. a couple of sections of fulton and grover will be shut down. difference is the city streets are different going to be very
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busy. we also have a full bridge check. well have the private parade celebration of forecasts. we are about a half-hour away from the supreme court releasing their decisions for the day. one could decide the fate of same marriage in this country. if state and can remain in place. there is a watch party going on and see if it is the right now. it is live at city hall. people are starting to gather right here. of the steps of city hall to form a watch party. they are watching attentively. they are going to speak to billy bradford. very intense and his last couple of mornings. we are constantly watching it. it has been an exciting time. we are excited that a positive
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outcome. how may people are watching that website. there was some 62 to 65,000 people watching every move that the supreme court is at making. will watch that here at 7:00 a.m.. how important is it for you guys to be out here at city hall this one. even though it has been revealed and they can get married here we care about the entire country. people in ohio. and they still can't get married. we had friends there. where families there. they deserve to between two equally as well. as you mentioned you will be out here monitoring what the decision is. regardless of whether there's a positive and a favorite decision. it cannot be a rally tonight.
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they meet. but something that they are stressing that they will have a rally regardless if it's not in their paper and they really want to promote a safe and not violent response to the possibility of the decision not going in their favor but they are really hopeful and they really think that it is going to be in their favor but we will see tonight. we will be monitoring the decision as well. to come back out to me here at 7:00 and we will see what happens. we will bring you that decision from the supreme court. if it is announced this one. within the next half hour if that decision does come down. if not it could come on monday morning. the flight has caused a big debate the country. a man who used that flight. concerns over the flight reached the north bay.
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they started fighting that fight outside of the home. neighbors was in their concern over the flight. they found it offensive and now it has been taken down. it was replaced with an american flight. we want to ask why we made the decision. he did post a lengthy statement underneath the american flag saying those of you who felt offended i displayed might want to consider getting the united states by kids. he thanked everyone for voicing their opinions both for and against his display. a congressional committee is not looking at a massive oil spill, santa barbara closed last month. what information they want from a pipeline operator.
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we are back. at the time now is 6:40. it is aimed at helping students. they cannot turn in their home market directly from the iphone's. the ufo was said that the teacher a notification and teacher will see a time stamp showing what time the homework was turned in. teachers are already able to assign homework and create a worker to be out. it came out in 2012 and added management tools for teachers and 2014. a handful of other companies had joined forces. to invest in a company making low earth orbit satellites. that could bring high-speed internet and phone service to people around the world without connections.
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the group will invest $500 million of what they're calling one a web which wants to provide internet access from space by 2019. the project is similar to that space x. project. they will begin testing a similar service next year. good morning if you are headed to the pride parade this sunday at 10:30. coming up well have the rest of the weekend forecast it's all coming up after the break.
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we're back here in the weather center. it's usually right over here. if you are traveling in the area take your time and turn on your high beams. it's very hard to see out there. we have some sunshine. here's what looks like off the east. and a little bit of thought. and traffic is backing up. we will have a look at practice. temperatures are into the mid- 60s. upper 50s and lower 60s. its equity is hot. were talking about lower 80s by the lunch hour. if you're across the bay and on sunday across the lunch hour.
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that will continue onto the drive home. temperatures will continue to stay cool to the upper coasts. a mix of sun and clouds later today. temperatures out there. upper 50s across the east bay shoreline. but that's impetus for right now. 57 degrees and looking at the north bay. mid to upper 50s as you wake up. as you get ready for the afternoon. it will continue to warm up. not as hot as where we were yesterday. were talking about some areas about five to 10 degrees lower than they were. any act 87. we do still has a lower 90s the crust parts of the east bay. here are to be across the to the floor. oakland 74 degrees. later tonight the rockies to play at the giants. temperatures will fall to lower 60s. but at the weekend.
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upper 80s. we will see mostly sunny skies. lower to mid 70s. and then we warm up intimate to next week. it is looking so far so good for the friday morning. normal slow spots that we've been following. especially the bay bridge toll plaza. about 20 minutes to get you into downtown savings as compared to normal for this time of the morning. the bridge is busier there. but can take about 16 minutes from hayward. the golden gate bridge and others in the fog. as problem free. and switching over to the richmond center. that's about a 12 minute commute time as you make your way. here are couple of a drug test for you. westbound 80. that looks pretty good. only 14 minutes.
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just a little over 40 minutes getting to the dublin interchange westbound. it's looking at a 30 minute drive time. the pride parade preparations are underway in san francisco. a couple of road closures begin at 9:00 this morning. the sections of fulton and growth are going to be shut down and can a 9:00 and then some other closures will help later this evening if you're headed into the city. when i come back i will check your piece they enter south bay drive times. they have new plans to help adults aren't online high school diplomas. they made the announcement about this program yesterday. will start in august and in to help some of the 30,000 adult earn an accredited high school diploma. as well as certificates in the hype grows in height career fields. it is a partnership between the
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public library in some gauge learning. the online program is already wants to public library. in a congressional committee has opened a probe into the same -- santa barbara oil spill. it killed dozens of wildlife. the house energy committee asked for the detailed information. the panel also wants planes all american pipeline to explain what it did in the hours leading up to the break and how it reported the problem. they have been facing criticism that it took too long to notify federal emergency officials. they released 101 thousandths gallons of crude oil. it's happening now. they are looking for the owners of a large amount of stolen property that officers found in the abandoned home last week. the property was found on june
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17th. some of what was recovered. most of it has been returned to the rightful owners. if you recognize any of these items contacted the police department. the first openly gay professionally player was active in the sport he pitched a shutout game last night. the 23-year-old they have the more the crowd cheered. we live in sonoma.
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they will also be a special fireworks show after the game. it will be donated nonprofits. into the state department said it can't find us an e-mail from former secretary of state e- mails as archives. all apart of 15 e-mails that hindered over 50-foot boat loads of e-mails. it was a 2012 attack, diplomat. they also provide correspondence to the correspondent. most of the submissions match except for the 15 missing e- mails. the subject of those are not relevant to the attack. meantime the sources tell us that chris christie has finally decided to run for president.
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the governor will announce his intentions to run for the intentions. he's expected to enter the white house race while in his hometown of livingston new jersey. as a break. we will be right back. we're waiting about 10 plus minutes away. we are waiting to see if this will be one of those decisions. we look alike had a live look here. traffic thickens up.
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we are back in happening today. the wish heard round the world. that film premieres on
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wednesday night. it documents of the that special day when it was transformed into gotham city for a young cancer patient. they want to be a superhero friday. it also shows the social media reaction to his wish that was heard around the world. also happening today. the waiters with the last draft pick in the first round. with that 30th pick. they averaged 11.6%. he led all college freshmen with 15 double doubles. they were heard booing. when the team drafted it. for the fourth pick. one little boy was crying.
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he heard the news. this is the berkeley center. they paid 35 to $300 to watch that. more ahead at 7:00.
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major breaking news of the recalling around the world. three deadly terror attacks in explosion at an american
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company they opened fire at a tourist beach spot. they are killing 16 people. we are following the latest development. and i am to recess talking. here at a watch party. a lot of people very anxious as they wait for this big decision of the united states supreme court on same marriage. >> it will be crowded and sentences go. expect major delays. it will be buried at the sentences go this weekend. we are tracking all of the big weekend event. the news is next. mr. now with breaking news. our breaking news story at terratec one man dead and two others injured at a u.s. base


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